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15 Weight Loss Tips from The Method Gym in Durham


Are you in a weight loss funk? Sometimes despite our best efforts, our bodies hit a weight loss plateau. At The Method, we understand there’s nothing more frustrating than that, so today we’re sharing some of our top weight loss tips that will kick your fitness plan back into gear and give you a little more inspiration!

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NUTRITION TIP: The Most Important Meal of the Day


Today we are sharing you a top nutrition tip from our fantastic Durham personal trainers about what they consider to be the most important meal of the day!

And yes, we know what you’re thinking… “Really?! Enough with the ‘eat your breakfast’ lecture! We’ve all been hearing that since elementary school!”

Well guess what?! Today we are not talking about breakfast as the “most important meal” but rather the post-workout recovery meal! Is this a meal you’ve been taking seriously lately? So many o us skip this meal because we don’t want to “undo” all the hard work and calories we just burned at the gym. However, the post-workout snack or meal is essential to build muscle and a leaner bod.  In fact, Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research for Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance says:

“Getting a combination of 10 to 15 grams of protein and 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout will help to refuel your body, promote muscle recovery, amp up your energy, and build a leaner physique.”

You heard her! Make sure you refuel after your workout like gas for your car. Our favorite post-workout snacks include the classic protein shake topped with fresh fruit and granola, lunch meat and veggies with hummus, cheese and peanut butter with apple slices, or a vegetable egg-white omelet.

What’s your favorite post-workout bite?

Thanks to our Durham personal trainers for their great tips! Keep exercising Durham!

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Monday Motivation from The Method Gym in Durham…


Hey Durham! Feeling the Monday blues? Today we are sharing some of our favorite health and fitness articles from across the web that are keeping us inspired and motivated to workout today… Durham personal trainer approved! So grab a cold glass of water (and perhaps a healthy snack) and let’s get reading!

We hope you enjoyed these fitness tips as much as we did! Come by and meet our Durham personal trainers to gain an accountability partner and lose the extra pounds! Keep sweatin’ Durham!

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6 Body Sculpting Tips From The Method Personal Training Gym in Durham


While there are no quick fixes or shortcuts when it comes to getting fit and building muscle, there are some tips that can make the process more efficient. Our personal trainers in Durham are sharing 6 of their favorite body sculpting tips to ensure a toned and trim physique before you know it!

Here are our 6 tips to sculpt your body:

  1. Incorporate body-weight and dumbbell exercises in all of your workouts
  2. Focus on multi-joint exercises like squats, lunges, bench press, rowing, and deadlifts.
  3. Start and end your workout with stretching to improve your flexibility and also to avoid injury. After all, you can’t workout when you’re injured!
  4. Introduce interval training into your workout instead of staying at once consistent pace throughout your entire workout. The Journal of Applied Physiology, have found that including several short bursts improve fitness and burn fat more quickly than working out at one steady moderate pace.
  5. Listen to music while you workout! A study by the Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research found that music improved performance dramatically among study participants.
  6. Don’t forget to eat healthy! After all, working out is one part of the equation. Make sure you stay well-hydrated or dehydration will impair your performance. After your workout, make sure to take refuel your muscles by eating a healthy snack that will replenish your glycogen stores.

Try these tips from our personal trainer in Durham and improve your overall health and physique! Need help executing these tips? Stop by our Durham gym and pair up with one of our personal trainers as your own accountability partner!

Keep sweatin’ Durham!



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Meet Our Durham Personal Trainers at The Method Gym

The personal trainers at our Durham gym are truly the heart of our business! Today we are featuring The Method personal trainers in action as they work with their clients. A common theme you’ll see: Our clients are happy and actually enjoying their workout… All thanks to our fantastic, professional, and attentive personal trainers!





We certainly have the best personal trainers in Durham! Thanks for all that you do Method team!


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7 Ways to Improve Your Flexibility


Improving your flexibility is not only important in term of preventing injury, it’s also needed for those interested in gaining strength and size. The truth is, most of us spend most of the day at a desk or on the couch without proper posture At The Method personal training gym in Durham, we teach our clients that improved flexibility can lead to better posture and a better stage to show off the toned physique you’ve been working so hard at building! Flexibility allows you to get a more effective workout by providing your body with a more full-range of motion so you can squat further and lift higher.

Here are 3 of our Durham personal trainer’s favorite tips to improve flexibility before, during, and after your workout:

  1. Warm Up with Dynamic Stretching Before Working Out: Many of us don’t warm up before we workout. However, research shows that starting your workout with some dynamic stretching, such as squats, lunges, push-ups, side lunges, and jumping jacks, can warm your body up and prime your body to better tackle your workout.
  2. Get a Full Range of Motion During Your Workout: During your strength training, perform each exercise through a full range of motion to ensure flexibility benefits. Going to full-depth on squats, for example, helps to build hip flexibility. A good place to start is working at full ranges of motion with lighter weights.
  3. End Your Workout with Static Stretching: Post-workout stretching helps lengthen and relieve muscles that were tightened up during a lifting or workout session. Stretching muscles after a workout can ensure an improved range of motion and tension relief.

Our Durham personal trainers say that incorporating stretching and proper technique before, during, and after your workout is a simple way to improve your functional movement and range of motion. Side perk: stretching can feel pretty fantastic after all of the stress and tension we put our bodies through!

So Durham.. Get stretching! Stay tuned for more tips from our personal trainer in Durham!



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INSIDE THE METHOD: The Equipment at Our Durham Personal Training Gym

Today we are sharing with you a look into the gym equipment we have to offer at our Durham personal training gym! At the Method in Durham, it is our priority to ensure our gym equipment is current and in pristine condition for our clients to ensure a pleasant workout experience.

Curious about what we have to offer at The Method Gym in Durham? View the gallery below!

The Method weight room Weights CW-6249-1440x500 CW-6247-1440x500 CW-6195 CW-6249 CW-6246

Come visit our Durham personal training studio on 719 Broad Street! See you soon!

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PERSONAL TRAINING IN DURHAM: Strength Training and Flexibility


In our Durham personal training studio, we promise our clients increased strength, weight loss, and improved flexibility. Therefore, a common question we get from our clients is:

“Why is Flexibility Important in Terms of Strength Training?”

In short, our answer is yes. Our Durham personal training gym teaches that without incorporating stretching into your workout, you may be holding yourself back from reaching your full fitness-potential. Stretching and a focus on your flexibility will allow you to reach a full-range of motion as you are completing your workout. Even when doing the most basic of exercises– from squats to push-ups– flexibility is a key component.

That’s why at The method gym in Durham, we teach our clients that focusing on both mobility and strength training can build muscle and improve your physical strength. While genetics play a role in flexibility potential, genetics don’t give you an excuse to be inflexible. Truth is, everyone has the potential to achieve a full range of motion. This is because our bodies are made to adapt to your daily habits actions. That’s why our motto is “Get Moving Again!”

If you stretch often, you will get good at stretching. The same is to say if you stop moving, your body won’t be good at moving. It may be hard (and rather uncomfortable) to get into the habit of stretching, but if you keep at it, you’ll start seeing progress and improved mobility before you know it!

Do you have fitness questions you’d like us to answer? Leave them in the comments section below!

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What Our Clients Say About Our Durham Personal Training Studio…

At the Method Gym in Durham, we love our clients! Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our Durham personal trainers and gym:


“I absolutely love the vibe at The Method. Everyone is friendly and there is always great energy. Coming here makes me happy, and it has gotten me in great shape, thanks to the fantastic trainers.”
–Serena Kerrigan


“I’ve been training at The Method for the past six months. I’m working out with virtually no pain, and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.”
–Damon Cory-Watson


“The trainers and atmosphere at The Method make me feel calm, safe and relaxed. Working out here has made me stronger and more aware of my body, as well as increasing my self-confidence.”
–Nico Hotz


“The staff at The Method are focused on the goals of their clients and helping them achieve those goals in the safest way.”
–Ben Fletcher


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Around The Method Gym…

Heya Durham! Today we are highlighting some of our clients and trainers hard at work at our private gym in Durham!







We love our clients and our fantastic trainers! Thanks for your support and hard work Durham! Keep sweating!

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