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Month: April 2017

Personal Trainers in Durham Provide You Spring Fit Toolbox

Get ready to be active with our Personal Trainers in Durham

Are you ready to jumpstart your spring and summer training but not quite sure where to begin? Our personal trainers in Durham have rounded up their best tips and we’ve put together a handy link list for you to jumpstart your new fitness routine… Consider it your fitness toolbox from us to you! Best of luck and as always, come see us for personal training at our private gym in Durham by Duke!


Get the Scoop: BCAA’s: Learn more about BCAA’s, or Branched-Chain Amino Acids, and how they have shown to have many benefits for healthy individuals who are active and striving to build muscle and lose fat here.

All About Rest Days: Read the tips in this link from our Durham personal trainers to learn about how you can promote recovery, conditioning, and correct movement patterns on your rest days without being a couch potato.

Carbs vs. Sugar: While some carbs are OK and completely necessary as an energy source, too much can completely stall your goals and progress. Learn more about the key to the type of carbs you should ingesting in your body here.

How to Get the Body You Want: Are you working out a ton but unsure of how you can lose weight and still gain more muscle? Learn more about what you should do here.

10 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat: Learn 10 reasons why you may not be losing belly fat despite your best efforts at the gym and in the kitchen.

From Our Durham Personal Trainers: Overtraining: Learn what overtraining exactly is and what the risks are and solutions associated.

How Irregular Eating Patterns Can Hinder Weight Loss: Learn more about why when you eat can alter your weight loss goals.

Want to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat? Eat These Foods: Read about a food list that is sure to tone you up and shred the fat as you stay consistent with your workout routine.

The BEST Foods to Eat Before Working Out: Learn what celebrity trainer, Phillip Goglia considers to be the best pre-workout snack as well as other healthy options.


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The Basics: Cutting vs. Bulking

Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts turn to cutting and bulking to achieving their goals. While this isn’t for everyone and should be monitored by a health professional, today we wanted to share with you the basis of a cutting and buying diet.

The overall goal of cutting and bulking is to lower body fat and build muscle. When cutting, the objective is to lower your bodyfat to a desired level after a bulking (or gaining) phase. This method is sometimes frowned upon, especially for beginners and even intermediate individuals, as weight swings are not good for your body. Additionally, before attempting to cut and bulk it is essential that one learns what good nutrition is and also to have control their bodyfat levels.

If you do decide to do bulking and cutting, it’s key to remember that bulking without cutting is not going to help you reach your goals and will instead result in fat gain. Lastly, remember that each week or day that you have a 20% caloric surplus is a week that you need to cut at a 20% caloric deficit during the cutting phase.

No matter your health and nutrition goals and plan, remember the maximum amount an average adult can put on is about 10lbs of muscle gain a year. What is key, for all, is that you eat healthy, work hard, and feel good!

From our personal trainers in Durham… Keep sweating!

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