The Method Gym

The Method - Personal Training Studio

Your Personal Trainer in Durham, NC

A safe and individualized approach to exercise

Our method employs the latest weight resistance training exercises to help our clients get in phenomenal shape. Not only is our workout methodology effective, it’s safe.

The Method starts at our private gym where a personal trainer works exclusively with you during your 60-minute personal training session. We stay by your side throughout your entire session to ensure we maximize your full-hour workout. During this time, we also teach you about exercise techniques that will help you reach your unique goals, both inside and outside of our gym.

What our Method can do for you

  • I absolutely love the vibe at The Method. Everyone is friendly and there is always great energy. Coming here makes me happy, and it has gotten me in great shape, thanks to the fantastic trainers.
    - Serena Kerrigan
  • I’ve been training at The Method for the past six months. I’m working out with virtually no pain, and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.
    - Damon Cory-Watson
  • The trainers and atmosphere at The Method make me feel calm, safe and relaxed. Working out here has made me stronger and more aware of my body, as well as increasing my self-confidence.
    - Nico Hotz
  • The staff at The Method are focused on the goals of their clients and helping them achieve those goals in the safest way.
    - Ben Fletcher