The Method Gym

About Our Method

What is The Method?

The method is all about teaching out clients how to lift weights and exercise with the proper technique. There’s no slinging or jerking at our gym; only controlled movements that yield real results.

The Method starts at our private gym where a trainer works exclusively with you during your 60-minute personal training session. We stay by your side throughout your entire session to ensure we maximize your full-hour workout. During this time, we also teach you about exercise techniques that will help you reach your unique goals, both inside and outside of our gym.

How did The Method start?

The Method began with body builder and personal trainer, Maitland Nance. Maitland had a passion for fitness early on and opened his first gym in 1960. Shortly after, Maitland won Mr. North Carolina. Maitland’s body-building career looked promising until one evening he was robbed and shot in the chest. As a result, Maitland suffered from nerve damage in the arm and figured at the age of 34, his weight lifting days were over.

“I thought I was through and could not continue lifting but the method changed everything."

Through lifting lighter weights in a controlled manner, Maitland could manage his nerve pain and heal his body. Maitland’s new vision was simple, but it had been previously overlooked in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. He found that if you isometrically contract the muscles you are using to lift a weight, you not only increase the muscle building potential of the movement, you can also do it safely and without pain. Once Maitland discovered this type of training, he changed his body and went on to win multiple national titles without pain or musculoskeletal injury.

Through these experiences, Maitland created The Method; a system that helps individuals develop a fundamentally sound workout regimen and accountability system.

Today, this 40+ year campaign has helped countless others train effectively, heal their bodies, and get moving again.


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