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Month: October 2016

Durham Personal Trainer Tips: 10 Foods that Help Lose Belly Fat

With Halloween just around the corner we could probably all use a little more nutritional guidance! If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, it’s time to swap in some foods that will help jump-start your slim down. Watch this video for low-calorie foods that you can eat to help you shed the extra pounds!

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Tips from Our Durham Personal Trainers: How Irregular Eating Patterns Can Hinder Weight Loss


Do you ever postpone eating because you’re busy, in the middle of a project, or too lazy to put something together? Many of us are guilty of this pattern that leads to overeating and binging later on in the day. A calorie is a calorie right? Two recent studies published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society suggest that it’s not just what you eat, but when you eat that can alter your weight loss goals. Research suggests that an irregular eating schedule could set you up for obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes—regardless of how many total calories you’re eating!

One of the studies examined eating schedules and patterns and found a possible link between obesity and eating more at night vs. throughout the day. The other study found that people that constantly ate six meals a day had better overall health than those with inconsistent eating patterns.

These researchers say,

“We found that adults consuming calories during regular meals—at similar times from one day to [the] next—were less obese than people who have irregular meals, despite consuming more calories overall.” –Gerda Pot, PhD

How is this possible, you may ask? It could be due to the schedule that our bodies are on, from appetite, digestion, and the metabolism of fat. Our bodies all follow a schedule that repeats every 24 hours, so eating outside of our normal schedule could throw off our internal body clock. The result? Weight gain.

So next time you think about skipping a meal or working through lunch… Think again!


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Want to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat? Eat These Foods!


Hey Durham fitness lovers! Today we are coming at you with a food list that is sure to tone you up and shred the fat as you stay consistent with your workout routine. Pure and simple, here’s our holy grail food list:

  1. Whole Eggs: Perfect protein
  2. Fish Oil: Reduces inflammation
  3. Salmon: Great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein
  4. Berries: Strong antioxidants
  5. Yogurt: Improves your gastrointestinal health
  6. Flax Seeds. Great source of fiber, protein & omega-3
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Protects against heart diseases and cancer
  8. Red Meat: Protein, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc! c
  9. Broccoli: High in soluble fiber and low calorie
  10. Spinach: Prevents muscle & bone loss
  11. Turkey: Low in fat and loaded with protein
  12. Quinoa: High in fiber & protein
  13. Oats: High in soluble fiber.
  14. Apples: Pectin in apples helps weight loss by increasing satiety
  15. Carrots: Improves eye-health, rich in fiber, and low calorie
  16. Water: Prevents water retention, helps muscle recovery and prevents dehydration from strength training

Eating these foods and drinking plenty of water will keep you full and focused on your fitness goals! We recommend eating these foods in moderation every three hours or so and with at least 2 cups of water!

What are your favorite foods to eat that help you gain muscle and shed fat?


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Healthy Eating Tips from our Personal Trainers in Durham


Happy Wednesday friends! Today we are sharing some of our Durham personal trainers top nutrition tips… 5 to be exact!

  1. Don’t Deprive Yourself: Learn portion control and reward yourself every now and then to avoid binging later! Just make sure you savor your occasional treat!
  2. Food Quality Control: Make sure you use high-quality ingredients that look and smell great like fresh herbs and produce. This will make your healthy dishes more pleasurable overall
  3. It’s All About the Presentation: Make your plate pop with lots of color (fruits and vegetables) and arrange the food in an artistic way. Make your culinary experience as aesthetically appealing as it is delicious!
  4. Add Greens Whenever Possible: Greens aren’t just for salads. Add them to smoothies, sandwiches, and as a garnish. Dark, leafy greens benefit every cell in your body and deliver a variety of nutrients.

  5. Don’t Get Distracted: Put away the phone and devices while you eat. Focus on every bite, texture, and taste, instead of the television. Mindless eating is the quickest way to pack on the pounds!

What are your favorite diet or healthy eating tips? We’d love to learn! For more nutritional guidance, come by our Durham gym and begin training with one of our experienced personal trainers. We are here to help you meet your fitness goals and provide you with smart tips and guidance along the way!
Keep sweatin’ Durham!

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