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PERSONAL TRAINING IN DURHAM: Strength Training and Flexibility


In our Durham personal training studio, we promise our clients increased strength, weight loss, and improved flexibility. Therefore, a common question we get from our clients is:

“Why is Flexibility Important in Terms of Strength Training?”

In short, our answer is yes. Our Durham personal training gym teaches that without incorporating stretching into your workout, you may be holding yourself back from reaching your full fitness-potential. Stretching and a focus on your flexibility will allow you to reach a full-range of motion as you are completing your workout. Even when doing the most basic of exercises– from squats to push-ups– flexibility is a key component.

That’s why at The method gym in Durham, we teach our clients that focusing on both mobility and strength training can build muscle and improve your physical strength. While genetics play a role in flexibility potential, genetics don’t give you an excuse to be inflexible. Truth is, everyone has the potential to achieve a full range of motion. This is because our bodies are made to adapt to your daily habits actions. That’s why our motto is “Get Moving Again!”

If you stretch often, you will get good at stretching. The same is to say if you stop moving, your body won’t be good at moving. It may be hard (and rather uncomfortable) to get into the habit of stretching, but if you keep at it, you’ll start seeing progress and improved mobility before you know it!

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