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Tip from Our Durham Personal Trainers: Find Your “MOJO”


Today our Durham personal trainer tip is all about finding your “mojo” when working out. What exactly is “mojo” you ask?

mo·jo (noun)
  1. a magic charm, talisman, or spell.
    • magic power.

But really, at The Method Gym in Durham, we refer to it as your motivation, your reason, your cause for working out.

I mean, let’s be honest here. It takes a lot of motivation and self-control to turn down your favorite treat or roll out of bed to go hit the gym. That’s why at The Method, we feel it’s so important to establish and acknowledge WHY you’re doing these (sometimes) torturous things. Our Durham personal trainers say you need to make a real connection with your motivation… And no, we’re not talking about JUST fitting into your skinny jeans or building muscles that bulge.

We are talking about real emotional motivation such as the people you love.

For example:

“I will be a happier and more loving wife if I feel better about myself and my body.”


“I will be able to play with my kids longer if I don’t tire easily.”


“I will be nicer to others if I feel better about myself.”


“I will live a longer and more independent  life if I can get my eating and exercise habits under control.”

….The list goes on and on! 

Whatever motivation you have, don’t stop thinking about it and stay positive! Studies have found that motivational self-talk can significantly help reduce the rates of perceived exertion so you can go harder for longer! So Durham… Find your mojo and hold onto it!

If you need an accountability partner along the way, stop by our gym near Duke and meet our Durham personal trainers. Trust us when we say, they’re fantastic!


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