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Month: June 2020

How The Method is Keeping You Safe!

The Method Prepares for Re-Opening

We are ready to welcome back current and new clients. The Method has always been a private studio, so we do not have to change the quality of our training to keep you safe during your time here. Watch Corey explain what we are doing:


This is what you can expect:

  • All clients will be required to clean their hands at the sanitizing station at the entry door
  • All clients temperature taken with a no-touch forehead thermometer as soon as they clean their hands
  • Hand sanitizing pump stations are placed throughout the Studio floor
  • Appointments will be spaced out so that we limit clients passing each other when going in and out of the Studio
  • The Dressing Rooms will be closed- We ask that you come dressed ready to work out
  • All trainers will wear masks, they will wear gloves at your request
  • All Clients will be required to wear masks
  • There will not be more than 3 trainers in the facility at any time- Many times there will be less than that
  • If a client wants a total private experience with their trainer  we are reserving the lower gym floor for those requests
  • No Walk-Ins will be allowed during client sessions


What are we doing about Cleaning and Sanitation?



We are really excited to tell you about the process we will use to sanitize the equipment and surfaces in between every session. We are using an Electrostatic Disinfecting System from Victory Innovations. We use this in conjunction with Evaclean PurTabs. This combination is simply the most effective way to sanitize any surface. It is currently being used by United Airlines, Wynn Resorts, and most hospitals around the country. The disinfectant particles are electrically charged and adhere to all surfaces that are conductive. It actually wraps around surfaces (even curved ones) for complete coverage on all touchable areas. We use a Purtabs concentration tablet with distilled water that has a 1 minute kill time for all viruses. We are using the best sanitation process on the market not just for gyms, but for anywhere. It is quick and complete!

So as you can see we are ready, when you are ready to come back!





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