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Fitness Tip From Our Personal Trainers in Durham: Quality over Quantity


Today our tip from our Method personal trainers in Durham is to focus on quality over quantity. What we mean by that is to focus on your form when strength training and lifting weights. If you don’t use proper form then it really doesn’t matter how many dead lifts or pushups you can do in a minute if you’re not doing any of them correctly. Of course none of us walk into the gym and actually try and have bad form, so when does this rule come into play?

In our experience, we see two common causes for bad form and workouts that have more quantity than quality:

  1. Uneducated about proper form
  2. Bouncing or slinging while lifting weights for either speed or quantity

For many people who make the above mistakes, they wonder why they are not seeing better results despite the fact they are working out and lifting regularly. If this sounds like you, our best advice is to meet with a personal trainer who can be by your side your entire workout to give you guidance and direction about how to maximize your workouts and to ensure proper form. At The Method, not only does your Durham personal trainer serve as your accountability partner, he or she will also be there to help ensure you are working your muscles and performing workouts properly.

Our trainers recommend that all those who workout to:

FIRST: Perfect your technique

THEN: Add weight and/or speed.

At The Method Gym in Durham, we always choose quality over quantity so that you always stay strong and injury-free.

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